Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quincey + Caleb

Quincey is one of my dearest friends and I was so happy to have been able to be a part of this beautiful day. I took at least a 1000 photos and Instagramed at least half of them (sorry to everyone who's newsfeed was spammed with wedding photos. I did try to not put all of them up there :) 

However, I will probably be posting all of them here eventually but for now.... please take a moment and enjoy all the things that are happening in this picture. 

Yes, Quincey and Caleb are adorable but did you notice Spencer's face in the background and the small child's head that's popping out behind Caleb? Priceless. 

Also, I'm obessed with the 8mm Vintage Camera app and so I threw together a quick video of Quincey and Caleb's wedding.


Quincey, I love you so much! Also, if you're reading this don't forget -- you own me so much Sammy's it's ridiculous ;) 

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