Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Party in April! You're invited!!

So just in case you hadn't heard yet...Luke & I are getting marred April 27, 2013 in the Draper temple! We're having a reception that afternoon from 1-3pm. Send me your address if you'd like an invite!!

A couple of you have asked for "our story" so I'm going to try and sum it up here :)

Over the summer, Luke & I move into the same ward. (He goes to BYU but was up here working & I just graduated from BYU and moved up to South Jordan after I started my job in downtown SLC.)

Apparently we met during Sunday School at some point but I must have been really interested in the lesson (or just not fully awake yet..9am church..sometimes it's tough) because I didn't remember ever meeting Luke until...

A group of people in the ward organized a drive-in movie night and that's the first time I remember meeting Luke. (Later Luke told me that when I introduced myself to him he was thinking to himself..I know this already why don't you remember me? oops.) 

I saw Luke at a game night that next Sunday and he invited me (...and a ton of other girls) over to his apartment to watch Modern Family. That night he asked for my number.

We went on a bunch of dates (somehow survived silly misunderstanding, me refusing to answer his calls for a couple days, etc) and when he moved back to Provo at the start of the semester we kept dating - now just semi-long distance.

Luke drove up for a Bee's game:

I came down for a BYU football game: 


Luke's birthday: 

Things were going well until I thought that maybe I wanted to go on a mission (aka Luke's biggest fear). However; after a lot of late phone calls, prayers & visits to the temple I realized that I wanted to marry Luke and that freaked me out but made me really happy at the same time.

I went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and met Luke's family and had a ton of fun and Luke came to Albuquerque for Christmas break. 

On December 27, 2012 while we were in ABQ I suggested we go on a walk to look at the full moon and while we were on that walk Luke proposed! I was actually really surprised because Luke had me convinced he hadn't been able to talk to my dad who was currently in Afganistan and he had hinted that he was going to wait till we were back in Utah. I was super happy & Luke was super happy & we ran back home because it was freezing outside and when we got back my family was Skyping with my dad so I got to tell him the good news right away :)

The ring: 

Thanks for reading our little love story! Cya on April 27th ;) 


briellsworth said...

Heart bursting! I'm so happy for you!

Aaron and Amanda said...

Thanks for posting your little love story! I've been dying to know the deets!! :)

I'm beyond excited for you and wish I could be there to celebrate with you two!

Cheers to the best year ever! You're going to l-o-v-e being married. Promise.