Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love my friends

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Today has been quite the day. It started with that delightful moment you hopefully just watched at least twice. Every time I watch it I laugh harder. Then to silence all the doubters who didn't think we could build a sandcastle, Caitlin and Quincey spent the better part of the morning sculpting the coolest sandcastle. Thanks to them we became the Crystal Cove celebrities. Little children kept running up and asking when they could stomp on the poor castle.

While the sandcastle was being crafted, a seagull stole Quincey's sandwich. She charged that poor bird like a raging bull but was unable to reclaim her PB&J because the bird flew into the ocean. I will be first to confess I was rolling in the sand with laughter. Maybe one day Quincey will be able to eat her own PB&J sandwich. 


Finally, we saw two dolphins swimming out in the ocean! 

This is the life. 

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