Saturday, August 20, 2011

Every year you get older and have more fun

For example.


The past week I was in Newport Beach CA with 4 of my best friends. (Lauren is finally back from China!)

We lived on the beach. It was wonderful. I'm sorry Chicago but California may have stolen my heart. 


I finally went to BJ's (my Cali roommates have been raving about it for weeks) and had a delicious pizookie compelte with a birthday candle. The waiter with the $100 haircut hit on Caitlin all night and it was quite entertaining. 


Turns out I'm incredibly gulable. Who knew? I completely bought Eliza's explanation that they went to Albertson's and only bought sour gummy worms and that the reason Quincey and Lauren were taking so long was because there was a line to check out of the villa when in reality they had bought cake mix, Reisens, car paint and other delicous goodies and were in the process of decorating the car. (Only two people honked at us on the way home but it's probably a good thing because each time we freaked out and were like 'What the? Why are you honking at us?'...and then we would remember...)

On the way home my dad called to tell me that he tried to text me 'Happy Birthday' from the top of Stewart Lake but was unable to get reception. And Hannah texted me and reminded me not to get drunk even though I could. I thanked her and assured her that her text gave me the strenght to stay sober. 

All in all it really made my birthday.

21, it feels good. 

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Myriah Cohen said...

Sigh. California will always have my heart. I do love Chicago, but i love California. Chicago will understand.

Happy Birthday!