Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keep Calm and Wait for July 15

These past couple weeks in Provo have felt like a vacation. If I'm not reading, I'm at the pool or getting free slurpees from 7-Eleven. Also, I absolutely love having Hannah here with me at college.

This is seriously the life. Summer, please don't ever end.

My final weeks in Chicago were wonderful. I loved it there and honestly get homesick for that beautiful city every now and then. Amanda and Myriah, I hope you know that I miss you both! Also, Myriah I thought you should know that my roommates and I now quote you ("If boys would admit they're dumb, I'd give them that girls are crazy").

Compared to Chicago, life in Provo is relatively calm but I'm enjoying it and filling every spare moment with Harry Potter news, premieres, and exclusive clips. I seriously cannot wait to see the final film. Only two days now!

Also, I just started dating my best friend and couldn't be more excited. His name is Connor and he's great.


Amanda said...

We miss you mucho! :)
I'm glad you're having fun in Provo and that your sister is there to share in all the fun.

AND, I LOVE that you're dating your Best Friend. Sooo cute!!

{I want more details later.}

Myriah Cohen said...

Taylor! HI!

Im soooo glad you quote me, but I think Sandy actually came up with that saying. But... let's pretend it was me. :)

I miss you, I'm so glad you are having a great summer!