Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My little sister has a horse. Not a little plastic one (that's what they gave me when I was a child). A real, living, breathing, eating, cantering horse. Every now and then I remember that Rachel has a horse and I burst out laughing. Who would have ever thought?! Next thing you know Garret's going to be getting a motorcycle. And I'm just waiting for the call from Dad saying he's bought himself an airplane. Haha

Anyways back to the horse. His name isn't really Simba...yet. It's currently Charlie but Rachel is going to give him a new name. Simba is the name I want Rachel to pick :)

Right now Honey Bear, sneezy cheese, Chico, Phoenix, Picasso, Mufassa, Simba, Tuscany, and a Mohonri Moriancumer have been suggested or are currently being considered.

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