Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mischief Managed

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was everything I dreamed it could be. So glad I stuck with Harry until the very end.

I've seen it twice now and if everything goes according to plan I will see it twice next week as well. When we went to the midnight showing opening night there was a lady there in full Gryffindor robes with a live owl (sadly not white like Hedwig but still pretty cool).

As for watching the actual movie the only word that comes close to describing it is: Epic. (Yes ,the capital E is necessary.) I will be first to admit that I did cry and I would personally like to shake Alan Rickman's hand for his stellar performance of Severus Snape. Also, when Harry comes out of the pensieve of Snape's memories, the expression on his face totally captured one of my favorite lines of the 7th book: "Finally, the truth."

My only regret is that I wasn't wearing one of these awesome shirts.


And in the spirit of Harry Potter I've decided to include these hilarious comics. She does them for all the books but I've just posted the last book.


Also, in case this post wasn't enough to convince you to go see HP7 part 2, word on the street is that it shattered box office weekend records bringing in 168.6 million.

Go Potter.

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