Sunday, April 24, 2011

A weekend of firsts

First time I've planned and driven a 2-day road trip. (Yay! For friends and good music!) 

First time I've ever had a queen sized bed to myself! (Sorry air mattress. I'm sure you'll day will come soon.)

First time I've ever had RM's for roommates. (Amanda and Myriah are awesome!)

First time I've ever ridden the L. (Thank goodness for my iPhone)

First time I've been to downtown Chicago. (So cool.)

First time I've been to a Roller Derby. (Talk about intense.)

First time I've been to church in an elementry school. (There are kids' books every where! #dreamsdocometrue)

First time I've ever met a kid named Bat. (I'm not even kidding. Unless he was kidding me. But he didn't seem like the kidding type..)


Tomorrow will be my first day as an intern at DraftFCB.

It's going to be great! 

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