Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Windy City

Yes, I am offically in Chicago. 

Brielle and I road tripped it up here today and yesterday. We made excellent time (I may or may not have a lead foot which I like to think I inherited from my mom and well, Brielle drives like a Texian...whatever that means...:)

We spent the 20 something hours listening to Mumford & Sons, Justin Bieber, 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, Alors on Danse and a random collection of other great songs. 

Like true advertising students we had nerdy conversations the whole way about billboards we thought were good (or truely awful) and spent a good couple hours brainstorming ideas (ranging from epic TV commercials to online games) in between random tangents (accidental suicide?) and counting police cars (11 in the last 100 miles to Chicago). 

Now I'm here in my apartment which I share with Amanda and Myriah (both super nice) listening to the thunder boom and lightning crack and I think it is quite possible that I am falling in love with Chicago already. 

Tomorrow I tackle the 'L'.(Wish me luck and pray my iPhone's GPS can compensate for my general lack of direction.)

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