Monday, April 9, 2012

Living today like it's summer

I graduate in 11 days. I start my first real post-graduation job in 14 days. I'm excited and nervous about all the things that are about to change in my life in a matter of days. Mostly I can't believe it's actually happening. Haha, I keep having to remind myself because none of it feels real yet.

I can't believe I won't be living with my best friends and roommates who got me through all 4 years of college in just a matter of days. The craziest part is we don't have a group pictures of us because we're never all home at the same time (and looking presentable). So I am bound and determined that this Sunday I will get all 6 of us together for a picture or so help me!

So naturally with all these impending changes looming nearer and a to-do-list that's longer than I'd like to admit, I decided that today I was going to forget everything and go see Hunger Games for the 3rd time with Quincey, drive with the windows down blasting Bieber's new song Boyfriend, eat Peanut Butter oreos and learn how to do a braided bun hair do.

And in the spirit of summer here's a completely nonsensical assortment of pictures that bring me ridiculous amounts of happiness.

I give you @babettakelly and @joolaaay on our last shoot for Pretty Darn Funny last week:

(I wish I could show you footage of what we shot but I'm afraid I can't until it's released May 7. Just believe me when I say it was one of our best shoots yet. #prettydarnfunnyyo)

A picture with Doug, Jeff, and Karene. So incredibly grateful for them. #advertisingfacultyrocks

Huge shout out to Laura Coalwell. I honestly couldn't have survived the semester without you. Thank you for listening to my rants and always providing a voice of reason. And who am I kidding? I couldn't have survived these past 2 years of advertising without you. I don't think I'll ever forget my first day in the BYUadlab when you came up to me and helped me gather the courage to jump on a project. Also, I can't wait to be hippies in Oregon with you in 2039. 

And yes, once again I will gush about how much I love the Pretty Darn Funny art team. These ladies are amazing and how can you not love someone who tells you that your roller coaster emotions about prepping for set, being on set and the post-set high are on par with that of childbirth and that I should consider this film set experience as a prep for motherhood? 

Getting a text from a friend telling me he saw my sister at Wendy's and exploiting the chance to creeper text my sister and ask for spicy chicken nuggets :) 


Behind the scene shot of last Friday's shoot. DID I MENTION THAT I CAN'T WAIT FOR MAY 7TH??!?!?!

QUINCEY AND CALEB ARE OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! I LOVE HER AND HER RING! and I'm so excited and happy for her and Caleb! Seriously can't wait for their wedding!  

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