Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There Can Be Miracles When You Believe

(Before I say anything I just have to say that it's official. I totally 100% suffer from seasonal depression. No joke! The sun has been shinning the past couple of days and it's ridiculous how happy it makes me. That's it... I guess I have to get a job in California now. Who wants to give me a job?!:)

Okay so this post is a catch up, summation of the crazy past couple of weeks so hold onto your mouse because there's going to be a lot of scrolling.

First off -- Pretty Darn Funny:

So I've had to be pretty tight lipped about everything that I've been doing this semester because we signed an NDA beginning of the semester but I can talk about the contest for Pretty Darn Funny because it just launched. You should all go check it out! You can submit your funny here: prettydarnfunny.com. (Also cool little tid bit: I got to help out with this photo shoot. We made a sweet Behind the Scenes video that hopefully I'll be able to share soon too :)

Admits the craziness I got this unexpected but totally awesome text from Hannah that I think is on par with the "Thumbs Up for Rock'N'Roll" kid:

I'm helping out on the production design team with props so I spent a truly entertaining evening before our film shoot creating those lovely treats in the bottom righthand corner. Can you guess what's inside? I promised they are entirely eatable but I would not recommend eating them. Several boys on set ate them and requested for the recipe. Seriously?! Personally I was appalled and spent much of my time on set praying that no one would get sick or go into a sugar coma from eating them. So if you make them be it on your own head :)

2 cups of Cocoa Puffs
2 cups of Fruit Loops
2 cups of Rice Crispies
5 oz bag of Strawberry Marshmallows
5 oz bag of Chocolate Marshmallows
1 Tbs butter
Gummy Bears
Hot Tamales

Melt Marshmallows in pot with butter. Stir in cereal. Spread in greased pan and add gummy bears and hot tamales. Wala you have these crazy awesome treats. They have an awesome name and great back story but you'll have to tune into prettydarnfunny.com on April 2 to find out! Let me know when you spot them in the web series! :)

(Also, because I'm sure you are wondering, yes those are granola bars cut into bite size bits and served with toothpicks. Laura and I like to keep it classy with craft services :)

Taylor Southwick came to visit! and we threw donuts at each other for fun :) By that I mean I asked her to help me with a commercial we made for Stride Gum and she was totally awesome and did all the random things I asked her to do. Yay for great friends! (Caitlin, your war cry will go down in history. Haha. )


Check out the campaign here: http://taylorcarver.com/Stride-OOOOOON

And I just have to gush for a second or two about how much I love working with Amelia, Janell, Laura and Julie on the production design team. Don't get me wrong, the whole crew is awesome and if I had to pick a group of people I'd want to spend 16+ hours with every week it would be them.  But, there's something about running with turquoise lawn chairs over your heads, staying up late decorating t-shirts with puffy paint while listening to 90s hits, having bootylicious (that was for you Laura ;) impromptu dance parties, and starting a C-47 war on set and giggling about how Austin's been walking around one clipped to his pants for half an hour that really makes you love these ladies. (Not to mention the fact that we're all totally addicted to Twitter and it's wonderful.)

So here's our traditional photo taken right after the night came to a climatic end with the entire cast and crew running out of the building to avoid setting off the alarm while Stephen stood at the door and sang "There Can Be Miracles When You Believe". Yes, this is a true story. Definitely our best exit ever :)

And I may or may not have dreamed up this hair do the night before the shoot and was totally happy when it actually worked out. I think it's time I admit that I'm a hippie at heart and have secret dreams of being a beach bum once I graduate :)

Hunger Games #10days:

Yes, I'm freaking out. Also, Quincey and I were totally going to dress up as Capitol citizens but now we're having second thoughts...what should we doooooooo?!

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