Saturday, February 4, 2012

I put on my clothes like a bodyguard

I just spent 16 straight hours on my first film shoot and when I finally slipped into my bed at 4am this morning my body for some reason didn't register that this would be a good time to not be a morning person with a built in alarm clock at precisely 7:31am.

So my brain feels all fuzzy..and I keep rediscovering every time how so little sleep actually makes me feel physically ill. I almost wonder if this is what it feels like to be drunk...? Who knows. Good thing I'm going into Advertising where we get loads of sleep and never have to work late!

Before I headed to our shoot I had to take a picture of my car. It's probably ridiculous how proud I am of this little Passat for fitting two craft service tables, food/water/supplies for 75+ people with just enough room for myself to squeeze in and drive. Good o'l Pipin turned out to be just as handy as Hermionie's beaded bag. I loved the look on everyone's faces when I would pull up to location and pull out table after table from my car. Haha

A film set is a crazy, chaotic, wonderful place. You run around like mad, improvising every step of the way and somehow for reasons I can't quite explain I just love it. (It probably has something to with this thing we call ADDvertising.)

Finally after 15 hours on set at precisely 2:01am, we heard those three beautiful words "That's a wrap!!" and the marathon shoot was almost over and the second wave of maddness began as we torn down, cleaned up, and backed up.

Also, it's hard to tell from the picture but when I got out of my car at 3am in the morning I looked up and saw 5 deer staring back at me. In my delirious state I was overcome with the irrational fear that they would trample me. Apparently attack deer is a subconscious fear of mine. Needless to say they did not attack and I was able to make it safely into my bed.

And I saved the best for last. Tonight I was finally able to Skype with my family again. Dad's internet connection had been pretty bad lately so we'd only been able to hear each other's voices but today I got to see him :) It's seriously just the best.

Also super random but I just discovered this band and I'm kind of love this song. Hence the title of the post and yeah, I hope you like it. And while I'm being random if you want to shake up your standard 'Guess Who' game try asking only personality questions to discover your opponent's card. I played it that way today and was thoroughly entertained. (But if you're easily offended, opposed to being racists/sexist or dislike stereotypes...maybe you shouldn't ;)

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