Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forget fishing, let's go swimming!


Lucky.That's what we are. 6 days till I'm 21 and what do I get to do? Spend them in Newport with 4 of my best friends listening to the waves crash and soaking in as much sunshine as I possibly can. This is the good life. 

I know the pictures make it look like we made Caitlin drive the whole way but I promise I drove 4 of those hours. Trust me. The left side of my body has ridiculous tan lines to prove it. Thank goodness I have six days to rebalance my tan.

I would also have you know that those 4 hours that I drove were through Death Valley as Quincey dubbed it which we did without AC because poor Herald* was really hurting. But we made it and now we're currently relaxing in the most glamorous hotel I've ever stayed at in my entire life. 

Tomorrow we hit the beach! 


*Quincey's car is Herald.


Also I just have to say huge thanks to the Savage family without whom this trip wouldn't be possible. Thanks for letting us use this timeshare! And I have to thank the Dekker family. Those chocolate chip cookies were great and sitting at your dinner table was one of the funniest experiences of my life. 

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Amanda said...

LOL @ your blog title!!

Vacays are the best! Have a blast!