Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#draftfcbchicago vs #draftfcbprovo

I honestly don't even know where to begin. Today was amazing. I think it started with this tweet. (I've decided to try and recreate the magic that happend on Twitter today for all you nontwitter folks.) 

You see I know I told you we had cubicles but I didn't mention (and this was purposefully done for dramatic effect) that we've been decorating our cubicles. I snapped this picture while Brielle was in the middle of revamping her space. 


And then I got this tweet from Miriam. 

 with this picture: 


Which left us (Brielle, LJ, Janssen and I laughing our heads off and feeling the need for a response). 

So we took this picture with the challenge to recreate this attached: 


And now the stakes are high


and this is going up in our cubicles tomorrow


Miriam, Marlena and Ari (aka #draftfcbprovo) I can't tell you how much a love and miss you all. 

Here's Brielle's finished product! And yes we did cut up those free books to decorate our cubicles. Call us resorceful and believers in recycling :) 

It's a giant jelly bean! And I may or may not have been super excited (and considered kissing the ground) because Jake Gyllenhaal also stood here. (Those of you who haven't seen Source Code, go do so now :) 

But don't worry life in Chicago doesn't stop until you drop. After a full day at Draftfcb and exploring the city with Brielle, LJ and Janssen, I booked it to the Blue Line and met up with Amanda and a group other institue goers for a delicious meal at El Cid before studying the book of Revelation. 


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