Sunday, October 31, 2010

A quiet escape

Sometimes we work too hard, study too much, tell ourselves that we can't do it and we're going to fail. And that's stupid. 

We are not going to fail. There are people who love us. Things will work out. In fact, they will more than work out. They'll fall into places we could never imagine and because of that they will be even greater than we could have dreamed. 

This post is a shout out to random strangers and close friends who picked me up this week when I was overwhelmed, told me I could do it, gave me discounts just because, talked to me when they didn't have to, went with me to the movies, brought me cupcakes and hugs, called me just to tell me they love me and reminded me one deed at a time that there is someone up there looking out for each of us. 

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