Friday, July 23, 2010

You haven't stocked the bananas?!

Today at work I may or may not have overheard a conversation that went something like this....

Worker One:
"You haven't stocked the bananas yet?! That's like Produce 101!"
Worker Two:
"Well you see sir we were busy making a bajillion and one watermelon bowls because we randomly decided as of today people will want lots and lots in huge quantities like they never have before and..."

Needless to say this shameless 'excuse' was dismissed by said Worker One and the doom of having failed Produce 101 hung in the department for a while. I just hope it was considered a one credit class so it doesn't effect the GPA as bad. ;)


Also I must join the million of my contemporaries and post this hilarious parody BYU made to encourage students to stop studying in a cave and start studying in the HBLL (Harold B Lee Library).

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