Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just don't breathe in

Today I spent the first two hours of work with tears streaming down my face.

Don't worry I was only cutting onions. A co-worker came in, noticed my tears and suggested a remedy, "I hear you're just not suppose to breathe in while you cut." 

Oh really? Now why had I not thought of that before? I mean all this time I thought I needed to breathe in at least once every two hours. Apparently I'm mistaken. 

I use to accept suggestions like these. But I've long since given up. Even after leaving onions in the fridge, cut open and exposed...I still cry. 

But it's always fun to hear the crazy things people do to avoid onion - induced crying. In fact, while searching for a picture to post, I discovered two more myths. Eating bread or wearing googles. 

Good thing I just found my swimming googles, eh? ;) 

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