Monday, March 18, 2013


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Feeling pretty lucky to be able to marry this man next month :) 

My aunts threw me a bridal shower yesterday and it was so fun. We got a so many wonderful gifts. It was incredible! My aunt made these cookies (which matched the color of my invitations perfectly :) and was like they're for being 'lucky in love' or 'lucky Luke'. Haha. Too cute. 

I was able to go through the temple yesterday and it was an incredible experience. I'm so grateful for my parents who always shared their love for the temple and instilled in me the desire to go to this beautiful house of the Lord. It was such a sweet experience to be there with my parents, Luke, my aunt & uncle and Luke's brother, Rob.  


Quincey Wall said...

Luke is always wearing his Oregon shirt in your pictures! haha

tayloranne said...

Haha yeah I'm starting to think he really likes that shirt ;)