Saturday, March 31, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

Life's been crazy lately and here are a few of the things that have kept me laughing through it all. 

Breakfast with Ari and Miriam. Remembering that one time a year ago we put temporary tattoos of musical notes on our arms and pretended they were our dark mark. Remembering that I've had these butterfly tattoos in my wallet since then and deciding that we should (for old times sake, you know) do it again. I love these ladies. Yes, I've been walking around telling everyone it's a real tat. Yes, they all totally believe me. Hashtag of the conversation: #realjobsrealtattoos 

These treasures Hannah discovered on Pinterest. If you're on Pinterest and not following Hannah Carver stop whatever you're doing and go follow her. (Unlike every other social media platform I've tried to get her to use...she actually goes on Pinterest regularly.) I promise you won't regret it and you will find yourself checking Pinterest in the hopes that Hannah's gone on a pinning spree :)  

Waking up on 4 hours of sleep to go to my film shoot and finding a groggy Quincey sitting on the couch singing "I'm Peeta and I know it!" and then later getting this text right before the cops showed up at our shooting location. (True story.) 

Thinking that the odds weren't in my favor only to have everything miraculously work out. Realizing that my prayers are heard. My concerns are important to a kind and lovely Heavenly Father. Revelation comes and when I think I am too weak to accomplish what's being asked of me, God's strength can carry me through. 

Thinking about how much I loved everything in Hunger Games, especially this moment with Effie. 

Amelia posting this on my wall. I seriously want this to be the crew t-shirt for next week's shoot. And if that's too much to ask it should definitely being the Art Team's t-shirt. Can I just tell you how excited I am for what we're shooting next week?! Every since I read the script I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Oh my word it's going to be awesome!!! 

Realizing that people with my drawing abilities should never be allowed near Draw Something. I probably should apologize to everyone I sent a drawing to but I like to think that playing with me takes this game to a new level. If only Draw Something would give people more points for being able to interpret my drawings...

My hope is that I'm at least providing my friends with a good laugh.

Discovering this halo braid on Pinterest and deciding to take a stab at it and having it actually work out!  Going to my film class and having everyone tell me that I'm a mini Amelia. Loving every second of that beautiful compliment. And every time someone on the ARG teams tells me that I look like Heidi or can I please wrap the braid around me ears next time like Princess Leia? I think the Amelia compliment and I don't really care because I'm kind of in love with this braid. 

Going to see the prescreening of Audio Files with Hannah and loving every second of forcing her to hang out with me :) 

 Discovering this on Twitter and watching at least 30 times every day since.

Getting Amanda's announcement in the mail! So so so happy for the incredible couple :) 

Matthew showing off his wheelie with the wheelchair I just happened to have in my trunk. #productionsproblems

How Matthew really proposed to Caitlin ;) (Can I just say how much I love these two?) 

And of course watching General Conference. (So excited for tomorrow when Hannah, Ciara and I go up to SLC to watch the Sunday morning session in the conference center for the first time!)

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Amanda said...

You're a rock star!

I'm so impressed with how you seem to balance life. Perfectly.

I LOVE your braid.
I hope you LOVED G.C. at the conference center.

You gave a shout out about the wedding announcement I sent you?? You're the best. :)