Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hunger Games #22days

Real or Not Real? Watching Hunger Games a day early with the BYUadlab and Hannah. REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may or may not have convinced Karene, the director of the BYUadlab to rent out a theater so that all the adlabbers and I could watch Hunger Games a day early!!!! I have seriously always wanted to do this! I'm also so jealous of all those people who get to see a movie early and now I'm one of those people!!! I keep telling Karene thank you every time I see her. Haha I think I'm starting to get on her nerves. But seriously, I consider this an early graduation gift.


Two of my favorite people, Laura and Julie on our all nighter film shoot. I think this was at the 10 hour mark of our 12 hour shoot. Haha it was a memorable experience that's for sure. One day I will post all the pictures I took of crew members I found passed out around the store throughout the night. Good times :)

And in keeping with my recent tradition here's another cool band I've stumbled upon and actually will have the chance to work on some advertising for. Pretty excited about it that's for sure!

Other then that just applying for jobs literally all over the country. (If you know anyone who's hiring please send them my way!!!)

Oh and happy leap day!

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Taren said...

Hi. Don't know you, but I would just like to say AHHH! HUNGER GAMES! Can't wait.