Thursday, January 12, 2012



Dear Dad, I know I promised you I would do my homework real quick and go to bed as soon as I finished talking to you but I just had to write this down so I don't ever forget.

Because right now it's perfectly clear to me that the most important thing in my life is my family and the gospel that holds us together.

I wish I could record every Skype conversation and listen to them over and over again. But since I can't I will try and sum up. Sorry if it makes no sense to anyone but us.

--meal stories of refusing to eat rice, dinners consisting of peas,carrots and a roll with bacon

--landing the plane perfectly

--trying to fly out of a storm

--seeing lightning with night goggles

--auto-pilot and pressing random buttons

--Hannah and her coughing attacks (and strategies for avoiding them)

--Hannah accusing me of plotting to leave unpleasant surprises in her locker when all I had in mind was notes/candy

--Hannah claiming to have no time but "Could I drop off Princess Bride because I'd like to watch that.."

--Hannah and that one time she walked into the bathroom and there was so much static electricity her hair stood up

--Mom and her horse friends/stories

--Mom discovers (and ham cups! and Hannah's resulting obsession with ham)

--microwaving soap (but only 1/4 not the whole thing!)

--crazy dream stories about being on fire but don't worry you weren't burning

--trying to remember which child it was that we left behind at the gas station all those years ago or was it McDonalds? (the debate is between Hannah and Garret)

--Garret and Dad's chess game

--Rachel running to get the cat and put his face as close to the webcam as possible :)

love love love