Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hibernation begins now

I made it. I'm home. My last fall semester is done.

Here's a couple snapshots of those crazy couple of days.

Even though I'm not particularly fond of snow and at the time was wishing I didn't have to be up at 8am, there was something magical about the snow falling so quietly and softly that early Tuesday morning as we drove to Cutri's house for our commercial class "final".

(Also, for FHE my children successfully taught me how to make paper snowflakes! Yay!)

I know I say this all the time but I seriously love my roommates so much. I wish we could live together forever or at least be next door neighbors our whole lives. These girls are incredible and one of the hardest parts of those past two weeks was the fact that I saw them maybe once every couple days if I was lucky. Next semester I think we're going to have to plan roommate bonding time.
And finally one of the biggest highlights of the week was this moment when we got to go to the studio and hear the piece composed for our BYU Museum of Art commercial (which is done! and running on KSL next week).

Now I'm going to sleep until 2012.

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