Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer's been good to us

We've discovered Diego's, a delicous little Mexican place with tacos for $1.50! Caitlin has become my official taco buddy and we may or may not go there almost once a week. That is when we're not running to Wendy's for their 5-piece spicky chicken nuggets for 99 cents. Oh yeah! We know how to get good deals. And while we're on the topic of food, we finally went to the raved about Slab Pizza and it is good. I can already tell that the Thia Chicken is my favorite. Though the UNM did satisfy my green chili craving. 

Other big news includes the fact that we fulfilled one of our main summer goals! For as long as I've know Caitlin she's never once worn shorts and upon further pressing we were informed that she's never even owned a pair. So we took it upon ourselves to recitify this tragedy. About a week ago I stumbled upon the perfect shorts and as you can see in the above picture my roommate looks pretty dang good in them. I'm quite proud :) 

Also, no big surpirse here, lots of our friends are getting married this summer. The envelope addressed "The Friendship Club" is one such wedding invite. Though this one brought a special smile to all our faces. You see a year ago a boy named Danny came up to us at Ward Prayer and started talking to us and next thing you know during the course of our conversation we'd somehow formed a Frienship Club. Literally from that day on we've been having get togethers with his apartment where we eat delicoius food cooked by Trevor and watch awesome movies curtousy of Danny. Now Danny's getting married but at least he hasn't forgotten us...yet ;) 

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