Friday, July 29, 2011


I got to go home for a week and it was absolutely wonderful. I love my family. I don't think they know how much I miss them when I am up here at school.

Sadly the trip ended with a bit of a fiasco.

I can't really complain because so many things worked out just perfectly. My car started smoking right by an exit and died in a relatively safe place where traffic could still go by. Two very nice men came over and helped me within seconds of my car stopping. A very kind police officer insisted on staying with me till my car was safely towed away and I had a ride coming to get me. My parents both answered the phone and walked me through everything I should do. My wonderful roommate was able to come and rescue me from Price and yeah, I don't think it could have worked out better given the senario of smoking, breaking down car while on road trip alone.

I know I can thank all those blessing as answers to the prayers of my incredible parents.

****Post Continued****

My car is gone. The repair would cost more than it's worth.
Is it stupid to cry over a car? I loved that car.


Amanda said...

Oh! That's sad about your car. I remember you talking about that lovely treasure. I'm glad you were safe!

And I'm even more glad you had fun at home. Family time is the best!!

tayloranne said...

Thanks Amanda! Yes, family is seriously the best thing ever.

I hope you're doing well in Chicago! Are you going on the Nauvoo trip with everyone?!

Janessa said...

Oh no! I am sorry! that is very sad :(