Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer can't come soon enough


This summer I want to make something as beautiful as this giant wall of pushpin art. I want to creative something with my hands. I want to spend time thinking and maybe writing about whatever I want and for absolutely no reason, or purpose. I want to lay in the sunshine and sleep. I want to read all those books I checked out from the library and had to return unread. The pool and I are going to inseparable. 

I rediscovered this delightful book hidden in a stack of unread books and my roommates and I plan to use it this summer to spark the creative child inside all of us. 

But first I'm going to have an adventure. 

For 7 glorious weeks I will be in Chicago.

Interning at DraftFCB, working with these lovely ladies (Brielle and LJ) and this talented guy.

Having the majority of my time devoted to doing something I love (advertising) 

And every other second spent exploring the city. 

It's going to be great. 

(Still accepting suggestions for things to do in Chicago! Tell me what to do!) 

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