Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Every experience feeds ideas

The other day I was sitting there brainstorming (aka staring at my laptop screen hoping a genius concept that would forever alter the course of human events would miraculously appear) when I decided to take a break in hopes that my subconscious mind would solve the problem while I was happily perusing my Google Reader, email and Facebook account. 

30 minutes later, my subconscious mind hadn't quite gotten around to telling me what the amazing concept was but I wasn't too worried. These things take time. Besides I had been able to discover why Isaiah Mustafa is a real man, watch a bunch of farmers race and laugh at the concept behind Mars' Celebrations. And then I found this video (made by a friend of mine, Tom Boyle) and it reminded me of something W+K Creative Director Hal Curtis said in his article to student art directors. (I know I'm a copywriter but I like to read okay?) 

"Look to anything but other advertising for inspiration. There's culture all around us. Pay attention." 

So I've decided to share it with you in this blog post for your viewing pleasure. To me, it highlights Curtis's point that incredible, creative things are constantly happening all around us and we, as advertisers, need to immerse ourselves in culture and get inspired. 

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