Saturday, April 9, 2011

Embracetion (You're going to want to watch this again)

A group of my best friends and I (who also happen to be in the same FHE group) made this movie trailer for our ward Oscar Night. We unvieled it tonight and now it's here for your enjoyment :) 

Just a quick shout out to Danny who directed, filmed and edited this video. Without him this would just be another sad movie about awkward dating in Provo. 

(And yes, in order to get the dunk scene we did flood a bathroom, ruin a suit and risk Jake smashing his head. But don't worry it was totally worth it.) 

(And who knew my orange jumpsuit would come in handy so soon?!) 

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Janessa said...

you guys are so stinking cute!

tayloranne said...

Well as Lauren would say...we only believe in having beautiful roommates ;)

Ps- It was so fun seeing you the other day! Good luck with finals/finding a place to live!