Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grateful for raincoats

This week the sun went away and the clouds came. My professors lost their minds and assignments and exams came out of the woodwork. I was told my stories were boring, sterile, something that you'd find on Wikipedia and that no one cares. Who ever said words will never hurt me was an idiot. Unless he ment it to be ironic.

Last night I threw my hands up and went to bed hoping that in the morning things would look better.

It's funny how small things, like a good raincoat in a thunderstorm, can help you keep going through the onslaught of negativity. I woke up to a random email from an inspired mom and later met with a great professor who listened to my sad tale and gave me some great advice.

I still have two exams to take, three stories to revise, not to mention all the advertising projects which are clamoring for great, creative ideas ...but somehow it will work out. It always does.

Just like how a good, green raincoat can make me smile even as I walk home amongst the raging clouds.

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The Carters said...

I have a green raincoat, too! I like that phrase, "This too shall pass." I love your writing style, Taylor - keep smiling and it is all good.

Love you!