Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cannon Beach

These past couple days at Cannon Beach have been a dream. We've been staying in a beach house complete with internet (that works!), flat screen TV's(that I never used) and a HUGE kitchen (that we definitely made the most of;)...Man, it's been good.

One day we were here it DIDN'T rain. That was probably my favorite day. We went for a long run on the beach soaking up the sun. Then we went and bike down the beach...mind you that means there were 27 of us peddling this way and that. It was a sight to see let me tell you.

Today it rained but my day was full of bright pink and white stripes and delicious candy thanks to Bruce's Candy Shop. I tried their chocolate covered seafoam and thoroughly enjoyed each bite :)Thanks Erica for the recommendation!!! I also got some amazing salt water taffy (PB&J flavor was delicious and spot on!).

All and all it's been a great couple of days.

Cannon Beach, you're great.

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