Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nineteen :]

I love birthdays :)
Rachel gave me a little clay frog with a fly on his nose...haha
Almost as cute as the frog was the meticulous way she wrapped the present :D
Went out to my truck and found balloons tied to the door...

It was the kids' first day of school ...
So while they were gone...Mom and I went to Berry Ocean and got
some delicious gelatos.
Mmmm mmm so good.
Went swimming with friends...who took me to California Pizza Kitchen...
had an amazing Tostada pizza and Mango Lemonade!
Went and played soccer for several hours ^_^

Ended the fantastic day at Sonic, of course with a Cherry Limeade. fun.

Jacob's birthday is on thursday so we decided we needed to have a party so ....
the celebrations continued on Friday when we had a cake decorating battle (boys vs girls)

We so totally won..but just in case you had any doubts...
Here's the pictures to prove it ;)

Above: The boys' cake

Below: The girls' cake


Anonymous said...

Taylor, just found your blog. So fun to see all your pics and the fun things you are doing..enjoy nineteen :) -cousin Valerie

taylor said...

thanks valerie! im loving it :D do you have a blog?! what's the link?